Mariya Kubatska

Odontologi; endodontist

Member of European Society of Endodontology

Member of American Association of Endodontists


Passionate About Endodontics and dentistry treatments.

Maria is highly driven, continually honing her skills and advancing in her dental profession. She places great emphasis on continuous learning, frequently enrolling in courses to stay current in her field. 

Maria has completed more than 80 dental courses and has amassed several years of experience as an endodontist, specializing in microscopic procedures. Additionally, Maria is a sought-after public speaker, consistently sharing her up-to-date expertise in endodontics.

My Values & Beliefs

I Know

When I proceed with any treatments or discuss with dentist colleagues, or other endodontic specialists, I only communicate what I actually know is evidence-based.

I See

I will find the root cause problem, based on what I see through the lenses of my microscope.

I Do

Based on what I know and see, I will do my best to solve and fix even the worst case endodontic treatments.

The Approach

At Dr. Maria’s dental clinic, you’ll receive comprehensive care before, during, and after your treatment. Her passion for dentistry is evident in her knowledge, modern techniques, and extensive professional experience. This ensures you receive the high-quality service and care you deserve throughout your treatment journey.

Dr. Maria is dedicated to ensuring her patients feel acknowledged, understood, and at ease. You’ll quickly find yourself relaxed and confident in her expertise, making future visits stress-free. Remarkably, many of her patients, including those with dental anxieties, often find themselves so relaxed that they drift off to sleep during procedures. This level of comfort is just one reason she boasts a roster of satisfied patients and a lengthy waiting list.

She is exceptionally skilled and is among the top endodontists in both Oslo and Poland. Dr. Maria exclusively uses a microscope in her procedures and is assisted by a two or four-handed team.


Awards and Public Speaking

  • ESE 2023 Helsinki, 6-9 September
  • I Love Endo 3rd edition, July 30th. 2023
  • Meeting of Entusiast of Endodontic, 2022
  • Endomeeting 2022

I am available to be engaged for your upcoming endodontic event.

I know, I see, I do!

“Don’t think how complicated is endodontics, think how to make it simple”


Dentist Maria

Dr. & Master odontologi; endodontist

Member of the European Society of Endodontology

Public Speaker

Language I speak 🇳🇴🇬🇧🇵🇱🇺🇦🇸🇮


Dr. Mariya Kubatska

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