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June 30, 2023 | I Love Endo conference | Jachranka





 In June’s closing weeks, the results of the 4th National competition, which focused on the detailed description of root canal treatment cases, were unveiled. This competition was a collaborative effort between “Magazyn Stomatologiczne” and the organizers of the I Love Endo conference, a gathering dedicated to the passion for endodontics. The much-anticipated awards ceremony was held on June 30th, marking the inaugural day of the I Love Endo conference in Jachranka.

The competition was designed to engage practicing dentists who have a deep passion and commitment to the field of endodontics. Impressively, this year witnessed a surge in participation, with a 60% increase in case report submissions compared to the previous year. A distinguished panel of independent reviewers, including the likes of Prof. Ph.D. Mariusz Lipski, took on the task of evaluating these submissions.

Emerging at the top were three standout entries:

  • Adam Romaniuk-Demonchaux clinched the first place with his detailed report on the selective revision endodontic treatment of an upper molar.
  • Mariya Kubatska secured the second spot with her insightful piece on the dilemma of whether to remove or retain broken tools during procedures.
  • Katarzyna Brzeń’s work on treating complications post complete luxation and replantation in a young patient earned her the third place.

These exemplary works are set to be featured in the “Magazyn Stomatologiczne” publication. The winners were lauded by the I Love Endo conference organizers, the editorial team of “Magazyn Stomatologiczne”, the competition committee, and the sponsors of the prizes. It’s noteworthy that the cumulative value of the prizes for this year’s competition exceeded a commendable PLN 40,000.

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